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  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Aerial Manufacturer: Televes
  • Aerial Type: Marine


Updated version now with BOSS Technology

Automatic Signal Balance complete with PSU & Cable for Battery connection

The Omni-Nova BOSS is the only omnidirectional aerial in the market that can, automatically, optimize the installation.
It automatically adapts its gain to the input level. When being fitted, the installer won't have to worry about the level of the signals since the aerial will ensure that the signal at the output will be the most adequate based on the signal at the input. 

Maintains the output signal level regardless of the radioelectric spectrum at the moment that it's being fitted. 

Doesn't require to be pointed due to its omnidirectional radiation diagram. 

Corrects the fluctuations in the signal level, it will automatically adjust its output level to the optimum regardless of the levels at the input. The signal reception will automatically protected of fluctuations, without any disturbance to the user. 

Protected from variation in the number of channels received. The spectrum will be clean at the output of the aerial: no intermodulation, no noise and with the best possible BER and C/N. The aerial will auto-adjust to cope with new channels. 

The omnidirectional aerial that provides stable signals when mounted in moving vehicles or boats. Main features:
3 Amplifiers, one per frequency band (FM, BI-BIII, UHF). Avoiding interferences and minimizing the effect of the cross modulation. 
  • Built-in AM aerials.
  • Switchable amplification (transparent and active modes) through switch on the PSU.
  • Built-in rejection filters to eliminate the interferences from non-TV signals, specially those in the marine communication bands.
  • Protected against static surcharges.
  • Split outputs - radio and TV.
  • Waterproof.
  • Built with high materials that withstand the effects of enviroments with high concetration of salt and humidity.
  • Specifically designed bracket to ease the installation.

Complete kit, includes every element necessary for its installation:
  • Mains adaptor.
  • PSU with switch (transparent / active modes).
  • Shielded IEC connector.
  • F connector.
  • Coax lead male / female 1.3m.
  • Adaptador lead 12v

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Shipping Order by 5pm for guaranteed next day delivery
Pay Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
Warranty Period 1 Year
Aerial Manufacturer Televes
Aerial Type Marine
Aerial Model Televes Omninova
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