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Televes CH60 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter (405401)
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  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Televes
  • Model: 405401

The Televes 405401 is a CH60 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter

4G is the new 3G, offering much higher bandwidth and download/streaming speeds. 4G has been provisionaly launched with full uptake to start around spring of 2013. Once all the 4G transmitters come online it is expected that over 10 million homes will have interference on the TV sets. This is due to the close proximity of the 4G transmission frequency located right next to the TV Aerial frequencies.

A proportion of the existing TV Aerial frequency band has been sold off to allow high speed 4G services to operate. for some TV viewers there will be no noticeable effect, however for others the new 4G signals will cause havoc with their TV viewing.

A simple and easy way to avoid any interference from the new 4G network is to install a 4G filter. The 4G filter will allow all the traditional TV Aerial (Freeview) signals through but block any other signals from passing down your TV Aerial coaxial cable. A lot of the interference will come from high levels of 4G signals overloading traditional TV Aerial amplifiers and TV tuners. Fitting a TV Aerial filter will block out these high levels allowing your TV receiving equipment to function as normal.

Having a good clean TV aerial signal is the best way to maximise your TV viewing experience. TV Aerial amplifiers and TV tuners will perform to their highest levels when good quality clean signals are fed to them.

To install your external 4G TV Aerial filter simply install the unit in-line on the coaxial cable preferably close to the TV aerial before any splitters or amplifiers. The 4G filter comes with easyF connections, easyF connections require no additional connectors and reduce installation time by around 50%.

Televes 4G LTE filters come in two different types depending whether or not your local TV transmitter uses RF channels above RF57

  • Channel RF 21-60 Filter (channles above RF 57):
  • Pass band (MHz) - 5 - 790
  • Rejected band (MHz) - 793 - 821
  • Pass band attenuation (dB) - <1 (5@790MHz)
  • Rejection band attenuation (dB) - >20

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4G Filters
Shipping Order by 5pm for guaranteed next day delivery
Pay Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
Warranty Period 1 Year
Manufacturer Televes
Model 405401
Indoor or Outdoor Outdoor
Channel CH60
Connections Saddle and Clamp