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Sky iO-Link (Global)
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  • Product: iO-Link RF Replicator

Sky iO Link by Global (F101972)

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The iO Link RF Replicator from Global creates an RF output on new Sky HD boxes that do not have an RF2 output (currently the Sky DRX595 Sky HD box, the Sky DRX890w and Sky DRX895w Sky+HD boxes). The iO-Link once connected to a Sky box will allow you to use a Sky TV Link (Magic Eye) in another room to control the Sky box. If your home has several TV Link enabled TVs running from a distribution amplifier you simply connect the iO Link to the amp then to each individual TV with a Sky TV Link.

Installing the iO-Link is simple, just follow these easy step by step instructions.
If you've done this and the iO Link is not working correctly please see further down.

  1. Switch the Sky HD box off and unplug at the mains.

  2. Connect the iO Link to the IO Port on the back of the Sky box.

  3. Connect one end of a coaxial cable (ideally Webro WF100 or Webro HD100) to the RF Out on the iO Link using a Female Coax Plug.

  4. Connect the other end of the coaxial cable either to the second TV in another room or to a distribution amplfier, then to each individual TV.

  5. If you also want to use an aerial feed to enable terrestrial in the other rooms you will need to connect this to the "RF In" on the iO-Link

  6. In the main room where the box is located press the Services button then go across to Settings.

  7. Using the remote highlight Picture then press 0 then 1 then Select, this will take you to Setup.

  8. Press the right arrow button three times until you highlight RF Out.

  9. Press the down arrow button twice to highlight RF Outlet Power Supply and change it to On, then press the Green Button to save the settings.

  10. Press the Sky button to return to normal viewing.

  11. Go to the second TV where you have a TV Link and following the TV manufacturers instructions re-tune the TV until you find the Sky channel.

Once the above steps have been completed you will be able to watch and control a Sky DRX595, Sky DRX890w and the Sky DRX895w from another room.

Sky iO Link RF Replicator not working?
We have found that on some Sky boxes the Sky iO Link doesn't seem to be as efficient as older boxes with the RF outputs built in, if you have found the the TV Link Magic Eye doesn't work when using the iO Link you may need a Global Amplifier and PSU.

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TV Link Eyes & Accessories
Shipping FREE Delivery - 3pm Cut-Off
Christmas Delivery Order before 3pm 23/12
Condition/Warranty New / 1 Year
Manufacturer Global
Product iO-Link RF Replicator
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