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Genuine Sky+HD Remote (Sky DRX895)
  • £26.99(Inc. VAT)
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  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Remote Manufacturer: Sky
  • Remote Model: Sky120-895 (DRX895)

Genuine Official Black Sky HD Remote (Sky DRX895)

Genuine official Sky+HD remote suitable for all generations of Sky+HD boxes (not just the Sky DRX895 model) manufactured by Amstrad, Sky, Pace, Thomson & Samsung, new and old.

This partucular remote is the graphite grey, almost black remote that comes with the more expensive Sky DRX895 2TB box (originally called an Amstrad DRX895 1.5TB). They are purchased from an authorised UK Sky distrubutor and are not a copy imported from China, they are the exact same remote you can buy directly from Sky.

What does REV10 mean?
Sky have been around for a long time now and whilst they have control over the compatibility of a Sky remote to a Sky box, they can't control what TV manufacturers do.

In short every Sky+HD remote will operate every Sky+HD box but older remotes such as the REV8 or earlier may not control the volume on your televison. Televisions are constantly being replaced with newer models, therefore Sky have to constantly update their remotes allowing them to control the volume on your particular TV (i.e they release a newer revolution, Rev8, Rev9, Rev10 and so on), this is particularly the case if your TV is a new model or a model that is not widely known.

We have a range of TV Links available that allow you to watch and control your Sky+HD box from another room via a coaxial cable, please click on the "Accessories" tabe below and take a look.

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Remote Controls
Shipping Order by 5pm for guaranteed next day delivery
Pay Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
Warranty Period 1 Year
Remote Manufacturer Sky
Remote Model Sky120-895 (DRX895)
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