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Antiference Wave AV Wireless Sender
  • £56.29(Inc. VAT)
  • Shipping: Order by 5pm for FREE and FAST Delivery
  • Pay Using: Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
  • Condition/Warranty: New / 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: Antiference
  • Product: Wireless IR and AV Sender

Antiference Wave Wireless AV Sender (5.8GHz)

Watch and control your television AV equipment remotely from a second room without the need for cables. Fitted with the latest 5.8GHz technology to combat interference with other domestic wireless devices such as WIFI, cordless phones & microwaves.
  • 5.8GHz wireless audio video transmitter & receiver.
  • 8 selectable PLL channels.
  • Wideband FM modulation/demodulation.
  • Built in Infrared remote control extender.
  • Transmits 100m (line of sight).
  • IR remote control range 6m (line of sight).

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AV Wireless Extenders Senders
Shipping Order by 5pm for FREE and FAST Delivery
Pay Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
Condition/Warranty New / 1 Year
Manufacturer Antiference
Product Wireless IR and AV Sender
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Help & Support for this product...
How does an AV Wireless Remote Sender Work? AV Wireless Senders work by trasmitting the audio and video signal from an AV device such as a Sky box to another room in your home.  They generally come as two units along with cables to connect them to your AV device and second TV. The transmitter... Read more
Will an AV Wireless Sender work with Sky+? Yes it will. Every function you have when stood in front of a Sky+ or Sky+HD box will be available from the remote location in another room. The receiving signal will be of a digital quality but not high definition unless a HD AV Wireless Remote... Read more
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