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2TB Sky DRX895w Sky+HD Box (Built in Wi-Fi)
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  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Set Top Box Type: Sky
  • Model: Sky DRX895w

2TB Sky DRX895w Sky+HD Box (Built in Wi-Fi)

The glossy grey slimline 2TB DRX895w is Sky's flagship model, it's the latest model to be released and has the largest recording capacity ever seen in a "from the factory" Sky box.  It isn't the most commonly purchased Sky box but that's probably due to the cost compared to the smaller capacity model, if you simply must have the best box Sky offer... here are a few reasons to justify the premium...
  • The DRX895w has a very hefty recording capacity, unlike the smaller capacity box that splits the drive in two (half for personal and half for Sky services), this DRX895w 2TB has split it in a way that gives you more, it allows you to use 1500Gb for personal recordings and keeps 500Gb for services such as Sky Anytime, Video on Demand and 3D.
  • Personally we can't see how anyone would run out of recording space, the 1.5TB that is for personal use allows you to record 1180 hours of standard definition or 350 hours of high definition, or a combination of the two.
  • As mentioned above, Sky now manufacture their own boxes so have more control over the components used making this far more reliable than the previous 1.5TB Amstrad DRX895, the original larger capacity Sky box did suffer some issues but things are looking good for the Sky version with reliability almost matching the smaller 500Gb model.
  • As with the DRX895w's smaller brother, this box is equally as quiet and runs just as cool, Sky seem to have overcome the heat issue that some larger PVR's suffer from.

A couple of the more common questions we get asked...
  • Can I replace my current standard non recording Sky box with this one?  Yes you can. If you currently have a standard box you can either continue to use just the single feed from your dish and turn on "Single Feed Mode" from within the services menu, or run a second cable from the dish to the box. If you decide to stick with just the one feed you will lose some functionality such an recording two programs at the same time. Ideally, you would get a second cable installed to enjoy the full benefits of Sky+.
  • I currently have the older white Sky+ box, will changing to this box affect my subscription or setup? No, as you already have Sky+ you will already have two feeds from the dish, this means you can simply take the existing Sky+ box out and replace it with this Sky+HD version, the only time anything will change is if you want to add the HD Mix to your contract, if so Sky will increase your subscription by £10.25pm (Please Note: This is not compulsory as these are non-subsidised boxes).
  • Do I need a subscription to record?  Unfortunately yes, a Sky+HD box will only record with at least the minimum subscription from Sky.
  • Do I need to upgrade to the HD Mix to watch HD channels?  If you want to watch all the available HD channels currently broadcast on your particular package then the answer is yes, if however you want to watch the free HD channels such as BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD, CH4 HD and FIVE HD etc then you don't need to pay any extra.
  • I don't have a HD TV, can I still use it?  Yes you can, the DRX895w can be connected using either a HDMI cable, a Scart Cable or even the normal coaxial RF cable.

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Set Top Boxes
Shipping Order by 5pm for guaranteed next day delivery
Pay Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
Warranty Period 1 Year
Set Top Box Type Sky
Model Sky DRX895w
PVR (Recorder) Yes
Storage Capacity 2TB
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