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100m Webro WF165 (RG11) Satellite/Coaxial Cable
  • £139.99(Inc. VAT)
  • Cable Manufacturer: Webro
  • Length: 100 Metres
  • Type: WF165 (RG11)
  • Available Colours: Black
  • CAI Approved:


100m WF165 PVC Foam PE Filled Webro Coaxial Cable.

This professional WF165 cable is available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100 and 250 metres, it is ideal for short, medium and long aerial and satellite cable runs.

Please use the "Refine your results" tool on the main Coax Cable page for other cable types.

Please Note: If you require the best coaxial cable for a DIY domestic situation then HD100 would be more suitable.

Not sure which Coaxial Cable you need?
Please see our support question -  "Which Coaxial Cable do I Need?"

Manufactured by Belden. Specified to meet en 50117 with a watertight dielectric, this 75-ohm cable has a PVC outer sheath and foam PE dieletric and is ideal for use where water ingress might be a problem.

WF165 carries the best signal available out of all the cables we offer but it isn't normally used by DIY installers in a domestic situation, if you're simply looking for a high quality coaxial cable to extend a TV point or run an extra satellite cable you would be better off with WF100 or HD100 (see below).

So, in a nutshell... what's the difference between the coaxial cables?
  • RG6 - A budget double screened domestic cable with a copper clad steel core, aluminium first screen and aluminium braiding (40%).
  • WF100 - A high quality double screened cable with a copper core, plain copper first screen and plain copper braiding (40%).
  • HD100 - A very high quality triple screened Class A+ compliant cable with a copper core, plain copper first screen, aluminium pet foil second screen and a plain copper braiding (55%)... The perfect choice for the most elite systems installer.
  • WF125 - Another very high quality cable with a copper core, plain copper first screen and plain copper braiding (40%) with a particularly low loss rate. Please note: WF125 has a diameter of 8.10mm making it much larger than RG6, WF125 and HD100.
  • WF165 - This is the hishest quality cable we offer, it is a very heavy, very thick and very stiff cable that is not normally used for a DIY domestic installation.  It has a very low loss rate and is constructed with a copper core, plain copper first screen and plain copper braiding (50%). Please note: WF165 has a diameter of 10.1mm making the minimum setting radius 100mm.

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Coax Cable
Cable Manufacturer Webro
Length 100 Metres
Type WF165 (RG11)
Available Colours Black
CAI Approved
Home Distribution
Short Incoming Signal Runs (up to 30m)
Medium Incoming Signal Runs (30-75m)
Long Incoming Signal Runs (over 75m)
Inner Conductor
First Screen
Braid & Coverage
Second Screen
Sheath Material
Diameter Over Sheath
Characteristic Impedance
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