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How to install a Sky TV Link Magic Eye

The Sky TV Link (magic eye) is an excellent gadget.... when it's working!

Please see below If you have just had a new Sky box installed

The Sky DRX595 non recording Sky HD and the latest Sky DRX890w/DRX895w boxes do not have an RF output like older Sky boxes, to use a Sky Magic Eye (Sky TV Link) on the above Sky boxes you will need to purchase an iO Link.

Below are the simple steps you should take to install a Sky Magic Eye. If you have a TV Link that isn't working you should first follow the below instructions (turning off then on again if required), if the link still isn't working you should take a look at Fault Finding a Sky TV Link Magic Eye.
The tvLINK
The first thing you should do before you start installing a Sky TV Link is check it's functioning correctly, you can do this by following the below procedure...
Firstly you need to connect the TV Link directly to the back of your Sky, Sky+ or Sky+HD box. Do not use any cables or connectors for this test, simply plug the female end of the Link on to the RF2 output and turn the power supply on to the RF2 output from within the services menu on your box.
Turning The RF2 Power Supply On (Old Sky menu).
  1. Press the SERVICES button once.
  2. Press the RIGHT ARROW button once (Settings), then press SELECT.
  3. Press the 0 (ZERO) button, then the NUMBER 1 button, then the SELECT button - (Setup).
  4. Press the RIGHT ARROW button three times - (RF Outlets).
  5. Press the DOWN ARROW button twice - (RF Outlet Power Supply).
  6. Press the SIDE ARROW button once to turn the power supply to on.
  7. Press the GREEN BUTTON to finish the set-up.
  8. Press SKY to exit the menu.
Turning The RF2 Power Supply On (New Sky menu, updated 12/09/2016).
  1. Press the SERVICES button once.
  2. Press the RIGHT ARROW button three times to highlight Settings, then press 0,0,1 SELECT.
  3. Press the RIGHT ARROW button three times then press SELECT.
  4. Press the DOWN ARROW button once - (RF Outlet Power Supply).
  5. Press the SIDE ARROW button once to turn the power supply to on.
  6. Press the GREEN BUTTON to finish the set-up.
  7. Press SKY to exit the menu.

If you now look at the TV Link the red LED should now be lit, if you are careful you can shield the remote and TV Link from the box using your body whilst cupping the remote pick-up part of the Link in your hand for testing, if the Sky channel changes you are ready to move on to the next stage - Cable.

The Cable
Once you have completed the above steps you will need to check the Sky tvLINK is functioning at the end of your cable run.
To do this get the cable you are going to use and as accurately as possible run it along your desired route to the second TV (or if using a splitter amplifier to the input on the amp), once you have the cable at the desired length you will need to fit your connectors on each end and connect it to the Sky box, then plug the TV Link on the end by the second TV (or before it inputs the splitter amplifier) for testing.
PLEASE NOTE: When installing a TV Link it is important to remember that the cable used should be Webro WF100 grade cable.
Assuming the TV Link still functions as it should you can now plug the TV Link in to the aerial input on your second TV. If you are using a splitter amplifier you can now install your second cable running it as above to the second TV for testing.
Now all the tests have been carried out you can secure the cable you have run from the Sky box to the second TV, position the infrared eye in a spot where it has line of sight to the Sky remote and watch/control your TV from the remote location.
Tip: If the TV Link can not be directly connected to the TV (wall mounted Plasma or LCD TV for example) then use a short length of coax cable between the two.

If you have done the above and can't get the Magic Eye to work you should take a look our other help page...

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