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Sky Modulators & Combiners

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Global SPC4 (F) Super Plus Combiner (F101243) The Global Super Plus Combiner SPC4F makes it possible to locate all your Sky boxes in one location and allows you to have independent control from a remote location.  The SPC4F allows the RF output of up to four Sky boxes (any combination is fine including the standard Sky box, Sky+ box and... More Information
  • £27.79(Inc. VAT)
Global TV Link Plus Adapter (F100791) The Global TV Link Plus Adapter works in conjunction with any Sky box (excluding the Sky DRX595) and allows you to have full control of another piece of equipment located next to the Sky box.  The TV Link Plus Adapter gets it's power from the RF2 output on the Sky box so doesn't require any external... More Information
  • £19.29(Inc. VAT)
Global TV Link Plus Adapter & PSU (F100791-AD) The Global TV Link Plus Adapter inc PSU works in exactly the same way as the version that does not have the PSU included, the only difference is you don't need to have a Sky box to make it work, it's also ideal if you have a Sky box but the RF2 power supply has stopped producing voltage. Providing... More Information
  • £24.49(Inc. VAT)
Global Bypass Kit (F007131) The Global Bypass Kit will route the tvLINK signal around an existing UHF distribution amplifier that is not compatible with the tvLINK system.  When in place the Bypass Kit routes the tvLINK signals passed from a Sky TV Link Magic Eye round the amp back to the box, this is ideal if you can't or don't... More Information
  • £10.49(Inc. VAT)
Global DTA Digital tvLINK Adaptor (F101770) Convert analogue RF signals to digital for digital only TV's The DTA has been designed to allow a television. equipped only with a Digital tuner to display an Analogue channel via the input SCART connection.  The analogue signal is routed through to the DTA via the RF input socket before... More Information
  • £42.99(Inc. VAT)
Triax Tri-Link Modulator Kit (370407) View and control Sky, Freesat, Freeview and Virgin around the home. With the introduction of Digital TV normal analogue services around the home have been lost. The New Triax Tri-Link kit solves the issue of distributing Freesat, Freeview, Sky or Virgin Media around the home, with the ability to view and... More Information
  • £47.99(Inc. VAT)