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JOHANSSON CH57 Indoor 4G LTE Filter Frequency Range: MHz 5-790Insertion Loss (in band): 1dB typicalLTE Rejection (791-862 MHz): 30dBGSM: 25dBDC Power Pass: 500 mAConnectors: FDimensions: 72x22x17mm More Information
  • £6.29(Inc. VAT)
LABGEAR CH59 Indoor 4G LTE Filter Passes 5-782MHz <4.5dBRejects 791-1000MHz <16dBF Connectors - Male and Female75 Ohm More Information
  • £7.29(Inc. VAT)
TELEVES CH60 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter Passes: 5-790 MHzRejects: 793-821 MHzPass Band Attenuation: <1dB (5@790 MHz)Rejection Band Attenuation: >20dB More Information
  • £11.29(Inc. VAT)
FILTRONIC CH59 Outdoor 4G at800 LTE Filter This Ch59 at800 4G LTE Filter is designed for hoem use.Suitable for most UK addresses, excluding Ch60 DTT coverage.Ceramic technology high performance with lower insertion loss in the TV and high band rejection of 4G.Mount inside or outside on an external pole or in a loft space due to it's weatherproof... More Information
  • £31.29(Inc. VAT)