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The Labgear F4GO is a CH59 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter 4G Filter ideal for masthead aerial mounting with 'F' connectors  Removes TV interference and channel loss caused by 4G mobile phone signals  Weatherproof housing for outside use, ideal for masthead mounting  'F' connectors  No... More Information
  • £7.99(Inc. VAT)
The Labgear F4GAHS is a CH59 Indoor 4G LTE Filter Official at800 approved 4G filterFilters out interference from 4G cellular transmissionPrevents 4G signals causing drop out of Freeview TV signalsFilters any frequency above 790MHzCoax connectorsNo power required More Information
  • £8.29(Inc. VAT)
The Labgear F4GF is a CH59 Indoor 4G LTE Filter Passes 5-782MHz <4.5dBRejects 791-1000MHz <16dBF Connectors - Male and Female75 Ohm More Information
  • £9.49(Inc. VAT)
The Televes 405401 is a CH60 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter 4G is the new 3G, offering much higher bandwidth and download/streaming speeds. 4G has been provisionaly launched with full uptake to start around spring of 2013. Once all the 4G transmitters come online it is expected that over 10 million homes will have interference on the TV sets. This is... More Information
  • £10.49(Inc. VAT)
The Televes 404412 is a CH60 Indoor 4G LTE Filter Protects the UHF band allocated to TV services from interferences caused by the data transmission on the LTE band. Connector type: IEC Bandwidth MHz: 5-790 Through Loss dB: 1 Through loss at the edge of the frequency range dB: 6 Rejected band MHz:... More Information
  • £14.29(Inc. VAT)
The Filtronic PSD008-V3 is a CH60 Outdoor 4G LTE Filter A simple and easy way to avoid any interference from the new 4G network is to install a Filtronic PSD008-V3 4G filter. The 4G filter will allow all the traditional TV Aerial (Freeview) signals through but block any other signals from passing down your TV Aerial coaxial cable. A lot of the... More Information
  • £30.49(Inc. VAT)