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Sky HD Boxes
All the latest models available including the standard non recording Sky DRX595 Sky HD box, the 500GB Sky DRX890 and Sky's latest box... the 1.5TB Sky DRX895 Sky+HD boxes.  All available for immediate dispatch with next day delivery available and all have the option of upgrading from the standard 12 month repaired warranty to a 12 month replacement one.

Freesat+HD Boxes
Why a Freesat+HD Box?  Simply because you get access to 150 digital TV channels, five of which are in stunning high definition, you can record, pause and rewind "live" TV, and best of all... it's free.  All you need is a satellite dish (a Sky dish will do) and a Freesat Box, connect it up and away you go. It really is as easy as that.

Freeview+HD Boxes
Freeview+HD is a great way to get digital high definition TV in your home through your existing aerial, there is no need to install a satellite dish or run new cables. By far the easiest way to enjoy the flexibility of recording and pausing live TV with the minimum installation work required. 

Sky Remote Controls
Brand new official Sky, Sky+ and Sky+HD remotes available in either REV8 version (suitable for most TV manufacturers) or the latest just released REV9.  All Sky Remotes require you enter a code for it to operate the basic functions such as the volume on your TV, these codes can be found in our Support section.

AV Wireless Remote Senders
Watch and control your Sky, Sky+ or Sky+HD box in another room.  No cables required, simply connect the transmitter to your Sky box, the receiver to your second TV and watch and control the box as if you were in the same room. Available in 2.4GHz and the guaranteed interference free 5.8GHz Marmitek.

Sky Distribution Amplifiers
Distributing Sky around the home is a great way of getting Sky in another room without the cost of Sky Multiroom.  Simply run coax to a central point, install a Sky distribution splitter then branch off to the rooms where you want to watch and control the Sky box, put a TV Link Magic Eye on the end and you're done.